BganLootV1: Fill in Some, ALL or None. Be creative, be boring. be Bastards. (if you fuck up, resubmit with the same eth address (just write Final before your eth address)
Make sure you hold at least one BGAN at time of minting or else your submission will be discarded!
whats your BGAN punk wearing on their finger?
what does your BGAN punk wear around their neck? Or perhaps your BGAN punk's fantasy
gloves? gauntlets? anything worn on hands!
what would your BGAN wear on their feet? for protection or fashion
belts/sashes/anyTHING that would be worn around the waist
Anything can be used as weapon....
Robes, bath towels, armor and shit
any of your BGAN punks actual HEAD WEAR!!! or make up your own helmet etc.
Anything extra powerful or corny or funky
this is a "descriptor," of the nature of your BGANS such as : of Power? of Brilliance? of Glitch? of Hype?