NFT Display Device Instructions/Button Map

“Swipe L and R for Button Uses”


Powering and Shutting Down


Know thy Buttons (nonGIF version)


Special GIF Version

***NFTYdaze Instructional Youtube Channel***

BUTTONS Instructions: Horizontal layout,BUTTONS Instructions: Vertical layout

Connecting to Wifi Networks: ONLY works with 2.4ghz networks. NO 5GHZ

  1. Flip Switch on side of device to turn on.
  2. Blue Instruction Screen will appear.
    1. Grab your mobile phone (which should be currently connected to your home wifi)
    2. Go to Wifi settings on your phone
    3. Look for Homebridge Setup in available Wifi Network
    4. if on Iphone, Click Homebridge Setup, you will go to straight to LogOn page: look for your home wifi in menu, enter password.  wait for connection!
    5. if on Android, when you see Homebridge Setup (Don’t click it), click the GEAR to the right of it, then click “Manage Router” this will take you to the LogOn page: look for your home wifi in menu, enter password. wait for connection!
      1. WARNING: multiple weak wifi signals/constant dropped internet will drive this device and you crazy.  Complex authentification protocols like at McDonalds or Hotels do NOT work.  Don’t buy it if you intend it to work in any of these complex wifi environments or if you want to be able to swap on the fly between different wifi signals in the same location.
      2. WARNING #2: the device doesn’t rescan a new set of wifi signals when you move unless it has turned off and completely rebooted.  If you want to rescan for wifi signals you will need to turn the device off and then back on again or restart it using the flip screen button.
  3. Trying to connect to your own cellphone’s hotspot?
    1. A third Wifi enabled device (mobile phone, computer) will be needed for INITIAL setup only.  You can’t connect the display to your own device, the third device has to be used to tell the display to connect to your cellphone hotspot.
    2. Iphone hot spots are tricky. The personal hotspot setting page on the iphone needs to be open and visible BEFORE even turning on the nftydaze display, otherwise the iphone seems to stop broadcasting the signal consistently.
  4. Still can’t connect after above? Some routers have rapidly switching wifi channels being broadcasted.  If so switch router settings to a fixed channel between 1 and 11.

Loading Types of Still Images:

  1. No GIFS, no videos.
  2. Most images work: JPEG,BMP,PNG. Image files that are too large such as greater than 30MB. Some PNG files have odd internal formatting/color data that can’t be processed as well.  
  3. Do not submit the qrcode for the entire Opensea NFT page, click the actual image and get the IMAGE only web address/convert to QRcode


Battery Doesn’t Seem to Work/Only power when plugged in

  1. This occurs when the user is not powering down the device correctly.
    1. When the battery is exhausted, if the switch is on, the device cannot be turned on even if it is charged now. If you first turn the switch off and then charge, you can turn on the equipment through the switch for about one minute. 

QR-Code loading issues:

  1. QR code not loading? If the weblink is too long, the qrcode maybe too detailed/complicated and needs to be ENLARGED for the NFTYdaze camera to read it.  Try zooming in more to enlarge the qrcode or save the QRcode and increase its size.
  2. I’ve seen google chrome QR code generation just stop working randomly.  if so go here and make the QR codes yourself:
    1. cut and paste URLs here, make sure QRcode size is 3inx3in
    2. Also use this site if you are loading via a mobile phone
  3. Opensea has changed their default NFT image formats! Use this trick to get the right image format for your display!

Button(s) not responding:

  1. There is a random infrequent bug, that causes one random button to stop responding.  A simple restart(flip screen) or shutdown and restart will resolve it.