Pi Ethereum Hardware with Polygon Inside

Location: Everywhere

Open Source Blockchain Hardware for Everyone, Made by ANYONE

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ID + Wallet for Privacy and Autonomy

Keys = MicroSD cards

Each wallet is physically secured on a swappable microSD card. Private keys, not necessarily the device, can go with the user.

Share an Oracle

For communities without resources, one oracle hardware device can support web3 identities for an infinite number of individuals, one per microSD card.

Educate and Reach the Forgotten Ones

Communities of people exist everywhere, destined to be left behind by technology. Those without homes, without cellphones, without internet access, without the function needed to adapt to non-inclusive standards. Lets build inclusivity.

“Brother! You are a wizard! I love what you are building. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know!”

– Community Member