nftyDAZE NFT Dispenser


The nftyDAZE device is custom, comes in limited editions, handheld, handmade, battery-operated and has an amazing array of microSD Cartridges to bring new “games” to your device as they are released.

with the NFTYdaze NFT dispenser cartridge you can now give away NFTs and engage your community!

Available as NFTYDAZE DEVICE +NFT dispenser software on tsy


As microSD software cartridge for existing NFTYDAZE DEVICE holders!

This NFT Dispenser cartridge will allow you to quickly load and display in QRCODE format, hundreds of weblinks from unique claimable NFTs as engineered by the team and the team. No wifi required. This device is PERFECT for distributing these NFTs at live events, live streaming, or pre-recorded videos. Engage your livestream crowd by controlling the flow of these NFTs with the click of a button, or switch it to “slideshow” mode for a steady stream of handsfree claimable QRCODE based NFTs. Or reward your in-person event or shop visitors with the gift of an instantly claimable NFT! Python code is easily accessible for customizing and personalizing. Copy the microSD card(PERSONAL USE ONLY) to swap different NFT sets during events! This unit does NOT display artwork that is the other cartridge.

Load YOUR deliverable NFTs onto this device quickly and easily using QR codes (manual mode is best for adding > 10 claimable codes). This unit is very dark grey. It readily accepts a beautiful coat of paint in any color imaginable!!! Artists make it yours! Artists, contact me if you want to purchase more housing materials! This dark material is the most durable and blocks most of the light emanating from the informational lights of the device. Best for people who like a dark room and want no electronic glow other than from their QRcodes. Includes light beige screen frame and lime green button. Device comes packed with WIFI-enabled, bluetooth, IPS screen and 3 hour battery life.

See it in Action