Here is the marketplace for a few “NFTcredits.”  These few are NFTs redeemable for a customizable display device order, any color or material visible on the Etsy store/twitter/website. Once the NFTcredit is redeemed, NO returns, No exchanges, No reuse. Verification of owners address will be done PRIOR to redemption by transferring NFTcredit back to NFTYdaze, which will show proof of ownership.  An NFTcredit will be returned by NFTYDAZE as a visibly “stamped” “redeemed” NFTcredit. It will be permanently altered so it can’t be misused in the future. I will not be held liable for scammers impersonating my products or these very rare NFTS.  Do not purchase these NFTs on the market if there is any question to the validity of the source.

Click here: I have read and agree to above terms to be taken to the store.